What We Do

Billie Tobin works with subtle energies and alternative techniques that help your mind, body spirit relax, and rejuvenate. Nourishing and soothing to the soul leaving you with a good sense of well-being. Healing is an inside job!

Energetic & Emotional Development 

Energy communicates in the body creating health or illness, happiness or depression, calmness, or anxiety. When you manage and strengthen your subtle energy, you create a barrier to cultivate health.

Energy Work 

Energy healing works through communication with the body system, so your innate healing ability can cultivate health. 

Plant Therapy 

For additional health, wellness, and skincare support, we offer the highest quality plant and essential oil therapy options.

If we can be of service please call, text, or email 

248.789.1980   [email protected] 

Be Well!

Inner Wisdom Health & Wellness 

248.789.1980   [email protected]