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About Billie 

Billie Tobin has been in the health, wellness, and spiritual field for over 30-years and is doctor recommended. She is a Certified Perfect Health Instructor from the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA, Board Certified Alternative Psychology Practitioner, GPN, and Reiki Master. Billie uses her intuition to connect with subtle energies and higher consciousness for her client's benefit. Her passion is to relieve the suffering of the "human condition" that we all are affected by at certain times in our life. She helps align your thoughts, body, and feelings for homeostasis, spiritual awakening, and a soul connection. Rediscover your happy!

*Billie donates a portion of her sales to the Common Ground Resource & Crisis Center in Pontiac, MI.

Chakra Clearing and Alignment 

During a session, I work with you to activate your energy centers by placing attention and intention on the location of each chakra, and by using subtle movements increase the flow of energy. This practice leads to deep purification, transformation, and rejuvenation.

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Stress is the primary cause of disease and pushes the button for activation in the physical body. Stress interferes with our nature and our evolution. Anxiety creates a state of fight or flight and if left long enough can trigger disease or illness. Reiki creates a state of relaxation for healing and well-being.

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Transformation Therapy 

Awaken your consciousness through Transformational Therapy. It is a unique blend of subtle energy work that releases blocked energy and karma instantaneously from a Theta state.

You begin to cultivate a relationship with yourself on a soul level while healing physical, mental and emotional symptoms. 

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Please note that alternative treatments are to complement and enhance the care you are receiving from your health care professional. 

It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease and is not a substitute for medical care.  Please consult an appropriate health care practitioner about any medical concerns that you have. 

Thank you. 

What our customers are saying

I was depressed and didn't know where to turn after years of traditional therapy then a friend recommended me to Billie. I chose to do the Transformation Therapy, and it was awesome. My depression immediately lifted, and I felt lighter & younger. It was like like thirty sessions of traditional therapy rolled into one.

M. Gallagher-Grosse Pointe, MI 

My job is very demanding in many ways, and my stress level felt off the charts. I began feeling sick, fatigued all the time, foggy thoughts and sad. One treatment of Reiki and I felt like a million! I am now a firm believer and get a session every 6-weeks to stay relaxed and sharp. My job and family depend on me, and I am up for the task now.

J. Stein RN, Royal Oak, Michigan 

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