*Listed below are some simple suggestions to make the most of your experience during and after a session.*

Before Care:

No caffeine the morning of your appointment

Drink plenty of water

Do not eat 1-1.5 hours before the session

Wear comfortable clothing

After Care:

You will feel better than when you arrived

Eat a healthy meal or snack

Drink plenty of water

Light exercise only, your system is adjusting

Most importantly, stay with the healing. Don't think about the issue that was released. Remember, you came to let it go!


Billie Tobin's sessions require additional time before and afterward to be a clear conduit and transfer the highest healing frequency, for that particular individual, and their situation or challenge. Billie adheres to a daily routine that requires her to meditate, exercise, eat healthy foods, and care for her energy system to be at her best for her clients. Billie's prices reflect the extra preparation time. 


"Change your energy, change your life."  -Billie Tobin